Evaluation tables approved until today's date by the Committee on Evaluation and Selection of Documentation based on the identification and evaluation studies presented to it reflect the conclusions drawn with regard to document selection. They are approved by the Head of the Basque Government Department of Culture.


Chart summarising the evaluation tables for document series approved by the Department of Culture:

CodeName of the document seriesCentral AdministrationPublication in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country
CO.01.ASOFinancial grants for investment in the commercial sector (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.ASOEconomic grants for Trade Associations (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.BCIScholarships for training technical advisors in domestic trade (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.CALProgramme of grants for promoting quality in trade (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.DICGrants for commercial promotion and information activities (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.ESBDisciplinary actions related to Trade, Consumption and Tourism in Bizkaia (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.ESCGrants for the commercial distribution sector (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.GTCGrants for establishing and maintaining Trade-related Technical Assistance Offices (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.ICEGrants for the creation and development of strategic integrations (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.MECGrants for modernising commercial equipment (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.MERGrants for municipal retail markets (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.MKGProgramme of grants to incentivate zonal commercial cooperation strategies (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.NICGrants for new commercial initiatives (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.PACPAI Programme of support to investment in the commercial distribution sector (pdf) Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.PERGrants for local entities for the execution of Special Commercial Revitalisation Plans (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.SAADisciplinary actons related to commerce in Alava (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.SABDisciplinary actions related to commerce in Bizkaia (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.SAGDisciplinary actions related to commerce in Gipuzkoa (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.ZAUGrants for taking urgent action in disadvantaged areas (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.02.BEXGrants to foreign graduates for internationalisation projects (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.01.BINProgramme of grants for internationalisation (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.02.CICGrants complementary to those envisaged under the ICO-ICEX Collaboration agreement (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
CO.02.ELKElkartzen Programme grants to non-profit bodies for foreign trade promotion (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.02.FORTraining in commercial distribution and management (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.02.GAUGauzatu Implantaciones Exteriores (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.02.INTGrants under the company internationalisation programme  (pdf)Autonomous
Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
CO.02.IPCSME initiative for business development in the commercial sector (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.02.ITBInternationalisation Strategies Programme (Interbide) (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.02.MYJMissions and conferences promoting trade abroad (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.02.PFM PFAM grants (pdf) Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
CO.02.PIEPIE-PIPE Programme Grants (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
CO.02.PRCGrants for activities to promote trade abroad (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.03.EDIIndustrial Development Entities  (pdf)Autonomous   Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.03.ETISupervised Technology Research Entities (pdf)Autonomous   Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.03.ETOEtortek Programme of grants for strategic research (pdf)Autonomous   Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.03.GAI Gaitek programme of grants for new product development projects (pdf) Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.03.GTIGrants under the Technology Management and Research Programme (PGTI)  (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.03.HED Hedatu Programme of grants for projects diffusing science, technology and innovation (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.03.IKEIkertu Programme of grants for the training and development of human capital (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.03.INTIntek Programme of Support to technological research, development and innovation (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.03.IYDGrants for promoting R&D activities (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.03.NEDCatalogue of industrial development entities (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.03.NET Nets Programme of grants for the launch of new technology-based companies (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.03.NOT Innotek Programme of grants for technological development and innovation (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.03.RVTBasque technology network (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
IN.03.SAI Saiotek Programme of grants for scientific-technological agents (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.05.ADEAdefin Programme of grants for adjusting the financial structure of SMEs (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.05.AFI AFI Programme of financial aid to investment in the industrial sector (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.05.EKI Ekimen Programme of grants for employment-generating investments in production and industry  (pdf)Autonomous  Nº 31, 15-02-2011
IN.05.GAR Garapen Programme of grants for large-scale business investment projects (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
IN.05.GAUGauzatu-Industry Programme promoting the creation and development of technology and/or innovation based SMEs (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
IN.05.P3R Extraordinary plan of action for industrial companies in difficulty (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
IN.05.PAI PAI industrial investment support programme (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
IN.05.PEI Grants for the plan to promote industrial employment (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
IN.05.PME SME initiative programme for business development (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
IN.05.PREGrants available under the exceptional plan to relaunch industrial companies and sectors  (pdf)AutonomousNº 31, 15-02-2011 
IN.05.PRI Grants for industrial restructuring (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
KS.01.FACGrants for training adults in consumer affairs (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
KS.01.FEC Grants for training students in consumer affairs (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
KS.01.FIC Scholarships for training and research in consumer affairs (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
KS.01.ITCGrants for research and specialisation in consumer affairs by degreeholders in faculties or university colleges (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
KS.01.KAR Consumer Arbitration Board dossiers (pdf)AutonomousNº 31, 15-02-2011 
KS.01.KEAConsumer complaints in Alava (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
KS.01.KEB Consumer complaints in Bizkaia (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
KS.01.KEG Consumer complaints in Gipuzkoa (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
KS.01.OCOGrants to consumer organisations (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
KS.01.OIC Grants to municipal consumer information offices (OMIC) (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
KS.01.SAADisciplinary action related to consumer issues in Alava (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011  
KS.01.SAB Disciplinary action related to consumer issues in Bizkaia (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
KS.01.SADDisciplinary action related to consumer issues in the Basque Country (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
KS.01.SAGDisciplinary action related to consumer issues in Gipuzkoa (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011  
KS.01.TIC Dossier of travelling workshops on consumer affairs (pdf)AutonomousNº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.ACC Grants for promoting universal access to tourist services in the Basque Country (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011
TU.01.AFI AFI Programme of financial aid to investment in the tourist sector (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.AST Grants to the tourist sector (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.CJS Grants for organising courses, conferences and seminars (pdf) Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.CTC Grants for promoting the certification of quality in tourist companies (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.DIZ Registered and directly awarded grants in the field of tourism (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.FUTGrants under the Framework Plan for Competitiveness in Spanish Tourism-Futures Plan (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.GAT Gauzatu Tourism Programme of grants for investment in and creation of companies with special strategic interest (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.IPT SME initiative programme for business development in the tourist sector (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.MET Programme of support to the modernisation of basic equipment (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.PAE Grants for self-protection plans in tourist establishments (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.PCT Grants for tourist promotion and commercialisation (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.PDT Grants for plans to boost regional tourism (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.PRO Programme of grants for training experts to promote tourism in outbound markets (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.RTA Complaints related to tourism in Alava (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.RTB Complaints related to tourism in Bizkaia (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.RTG Complaints related to tourism in Gipuzkoa (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.SAA Disciplinary action related to tourism in Alava (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.SAB Disciplinary action related to tourism in Bizkaia (pdf)Autonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011 
TU.01.SAG Disciplinary action related to tourism in Gipuzkoa (pdfAutonomous Nº 31, 15-02-2011