In Badator you can consult the historical documentation from the archives of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, both public and private. It also incorporates some archival funds located outside its borders of interest to the Country. It contains 883,454 references of documentation dated between the 11th century and 2020 (the most modern years, aerial photos and documents from the diaspora). In total, 6,204,425 digital images are distributed on Badator.

Badator is the documentation consultation system from the archives of the Autonomous Community of Euskadi. Both public and private services have provided their inventories to be disseminated on this collective website.

In 1989, the Archives and Documentary Heritage Service (Irargi) began collecting information about the Basque Country in Archive Collections preserved outside its territory. The work focused on the two Archives with qualitatively most important documentation: the Civil Proceedings of the Archive of the Royal Chancery of Valladolid and the Section of Suppressed Councils of the National Historical Archive of Madrid. The objective was to describe documentation never described before.

The project concluded in 1997 with the result of nearly 40,000 emptying sheets collected, which are the reflection of more than five million pages of information from the 13th to 19th centuries on the most varied aspects of the political and social history of all the establishments, unions, corporations and administrations of Euskadi.

This work was the seed of the search engine, which in 1991 had received the name Badator.

In June 1998, the Badator search engine website was inaugurated, a pioneer of its kind in the Spanish state, with the purpose of disseminating information on all the Archival Funds of Euskadi, or those linked to Euskadi. At the time of its inauguration, it distributed 115,000 archival references.

In April 2012, Dokuklik was inaugurated, the name used to identify the consultation of digital copies of the documentation that can be consulted in Badator, with 2 million images.

In October 2021, we disseminated 740,000 documentation references from nearly 500 archival collections and 5.2 million digital images.

In November 2022, 366,016 digital copies are uploaded, corresponding to 22,662 digitized documents. Likewise, 107,598 references or corrections to 40 files are also added, of which 62,000 are new.

Likewise, in 2023, 47 provenances and 586,388 digital copies corresponding to 29,284 files/documents have been uploaded. Additionally, 150,779 references from 38 files have been corrected, of which 49,000 are new.

Bilbao, December 2023.

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