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The Archives auxiliary library specialises in archival issues and auxiliary sciences of history (palaeography, diplomatics, history of institutions...), as well as local holdings (history, art...), and it has 10,600 documents available to users. In addition, it has over 100 serialised publication titles, mainly dealing with archival issues, documentary management and history.

The library offers an inter-library borrowing service to the archives within the Basque Archives System and to the libraries included in the Basque Library Network. The centres that wish to borrow material may request originals from our holdings or copies. Requests for loans must be made by e-mail to eah-ahe@euskadi.eus. The cost of this service, given that it entails loans between libraries within the Network, will be free and the borrowing period will be set at 30 days, although they may be renewed. As a condition for this service, the requesting library users may not take the material home.

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